Remote Desktop and Application Delivery

For Small Business to Large Enterprise
and everything in between,
Xpertcloud is the best Citrix/RDS Alternative
for Remote Desktop and Web Access

Web-Enable your applications

Xpertcloud offers a reliable and scalable way
to web-enable any of your Windows App.
Keep your users connected
from Internet at anytime, anywhere…

Mobile Web Edition

Access your server from any device Xpertcloud built-in HTML5 empowers users with instant intuitive and seamless access
to Windows-based applications and desktops,
from any browser on any device,
including PCs, Macs, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

Save Money…

  • Create a seamless remote office experience for your employees.
  • Xpertcloud Remote Work is an effortless solution for creating a
  • complete work-from-home environment. Give users remote
  • desktop access to their office PCs in no time!

Simple. Secure. Familiar.

It starts with the need to connect. It ends with easy remote desktop access to the console session of your office PC.

At every point between, Remote Work offers users and administrators a safe and simple tool set that enables users to keep being productive and administrators to keep corporate data secure.


Email us for a Trial…

Xpertcloud Remote Work is your perfect ally for Teleworking.
This best-in-class program is the next-generation tool that will help you access your remote connections completely safe.